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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Line / 12k LINE_024
Release Year: 2005
Note: lim. 500 / cardboard cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €14.00

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Ein Quartett (bestehend aus 4 Instrumentalisten mit Violine, Akkordeon, Klarinett und Pauke) hat diese Aufnahmen in einer riesigen unterirdischer Höhle gemacht, den natürlichen Hall ausnutzend. Entstanden sind flirrende, schneidende Obertonwellen, die sich amorph ins Ätherische ausbreiten & allmählich ihre harmonische Struktur ändern. Polyphone Überlagerungen & Frequenzinterferenzen tauchen auf, kein reiner Wohlklang, sondern fremdartige Environments werden hier geschaffen. Erinnert an PAULINE OLIVEROS ähnliche Arbeiten, nur das hier der Sound- & Geräuschaspekt noch stärker im Vordergrund steht.

“Cistern was made in a two million gallon underground reservoir at Fort Worden, a de-commissioned military base overlooking the entrance to the Puget Sound. The space’s resonance extended the instruments in a way similar to electronic processing. The acoustic properties of the cistern created new sonic relationships to which the group applied their musical concept. Cistern captures Doublends Vert’s first experiences in the sound-world of the cistern.
Doublends Vert formed in 2003 through a common interest in creating restrained, acoustic music exploring the timbre blending possibilities of the violin, accordion, and clarinet.
Doublends Vert:
Clarinetist Adam Diller’s (b. 1980) music deals with the problems of composing for recorded medium, integrating electronic and acoustic sounds, and improvising with social and natural
environments. His process draws on experience with jazz, composition, improvisation, and computer-based sound design. Since moving to Seattle in 2002, Diller has performed in many situations and produced 10 recordings.
Annie Lewandowski (b. 1979) is a composer and multi-instrumentalist with backgrounds in classical, improvised, and experimental music. She has performed at festivals in the USA, Canada, and Europe with trio Doublends Vert and duo Emma Zunz (with Cristin Miller). She currently lives in Seattle.
Tom Swafford (b. 1972) is violinist and composer active in a wide variety of musical styles. He studied composition in Boston, Berkeley, CA, and The Netherlands (with Louis Andriessen). He is a member of Cipher, Drumolin and Doublends Vert and also performs classical, bluegrass and rock music. He resides in Seattle, WA.
Matt Crane joins on timbales for cistern tracks 4 and 5 and engineered this live recording. Crane has been playing drums from an early age. His profound interest in music has translated into the study of many different idioms. He currently engages in many improvised settings with an emphasis on environment and its shaping of the musical experience.” [label info]