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COLLEY, JOE / CRAWL UNIT - Desperate attempts at beauty: conceptual and research exercises

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Auscultare AUS 020
Release Year: 2003
Note: special package in extra cardboard-box
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Geballte Kraft, auf einen Punkt konzentriert. Zwingend hypnotische Rhythmen. Phasen von haltlosen Gerusch- und Noise-Feldern.
Endlich eine volle CD nach vielen Vs auf kleineren Formaten unter seinem eigenen Namen. Die ersten und letzten 10 Sekunden dieser CD bestehen aus einer aufweckenden harsh-noise Attacke, dazwischen gibt es sehr konkrete Geruschen und spter sehr schne rumpelnd-mechanisch-vibrierende Drones, wie sie wohl nur COLLEY hinkriegt, konkret-konzeptuelle Gerusch-Ambience.

Desperate Attempts at Beauty: Conceptual and Research Excercises" A long awaited full-length solo from Joe Colley (Crawl Unit). This ambitious project documents sonic phenomena discoveries both mental and physical, with or without alteration. Also features a gathering of text that is, simply put: pure nihilism. [label info]

It has been a long way from Crawl Unit to Joe Colley - but it follows a tendency of musicians that have been operating under a 'band name', who eventually come up with just their real name and Crawl Unit was once Joe Colley's 'band'. It's not just a name change that went on here. Crawl Unit was best decribed as an ambient-industrial outfit, but especially in their later works going more and more ambient. As Joe Colley, the works have become much more conceptual and are usually fixed on a single idea in sound. Sticking a piezo microphone is clay that dries and listen to it happening - that's the approach of Colley. Funnily enough it also means that his work has become more noisy again. The opening piece 'Icewater.05.02' sees the effective drowning of a microphone and we hear it's death rattle at zero Db - set your speakers for this volume and the CD will sound fine throughout. It's a short piece but powerful enough. Sometimes Colley alters the sounds he has recorded and builts a dark aural picture such as in 'Lost, Or At Last Realizing That Very Soon None Of This Will Matter' - coming close to the later Crawl Unit period. Some of the concpetual ideas are beyond me, such as the inclusion of an eight track, which is not on the track-listening. Otherwise this is Joe Colley's most refined moment to date." [FdW, Vital Weekly]