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BTONG (B*TONG / B-TONG/ BTONG) - Wider der Elektronik schlecht Gewissen

Format: 7inch object & CDR
Label & Cat.Number: Petty Bourgeois Broadcasts P.B.B. SR 500-16
Release Year: 2005
Note: lim./numb. 50 copies. new solo-project of NID-member. The 7" is an anti-record.
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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Das atmosphrische Power-Trio NID gibt es nicht mehr! Jrgen Eberhard macht aber mit FEINE TRINKERS BEI PINKELS DAHEIM weiter, whrend Chris Sigdell, das Baseler Underground-Urgestein (z.B. MERCURY 4), ein neues Solo-Experimental-Projekt gegrndet hat: BTONG. Hier gleich ein usserst obskures (Anti)-Konzeptkunst-Machwerk, eine 7 mit NICHTS drauf, trotzdem abspielbar, dazu eine CDR mit halluzinogenem Collagen-Noise, aus field recordings und Elektronik zusammengesetzt, ungewhnlich und rauh.

The swiss-german atmospheric power trio NID is no longer one member is continuing as BTONG and has released here an obscure (anti)conept-art-thing, a playable 7 with NOTHING on plus a great CDR with hallucinogening collage-noise made from field recordings and electronics, quite exceptional and raw....

BTong (former member of Nid: 1995-2005) covers Institut fr Feinmotorik? Or is it a hoax? Anyway, it is the ultimate vinyl fetisch! No groove, no music, no nothing! Just put the neddle down and enjoy the scratches... For those who want to hear MORE, there's an accompanying MCD with 25 minutes worth of strange beats, clicks and rumbling noises, all hand-made by BTong himself. Cheap electronics and mongoloid drones! Watch out for forthcoming dark ambient CD "Polar:is" on 1000+1 TiLt. [label info]