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BUTTIGIEG, KURT - Sun Recordings

Format: CD-R BOX
Label & Cat.Number: Generator Sound Art GSA-17
Release Year: 0000
Note: Box w. banderole / 4-YEAR RECORDINGS OF THE SUN !!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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Konzeptionell so ziemlich das obskurste und originellste was hier in letzter Zeit ankam, von diesem inzwischen in Luxemburg (!) ansssigen Malteser (!) Knstler... das Ergebnis von fast vier Jahren Nichts-Tun... nur die gnadenlose Sonne brezelte auf einsame Tapes hinab und vernderte deren elektro-magnetisch aufgezeichneten Informationen.
3 Extrakte mit dumpfen Pulsationen und leicht sgende Summ-Drones, Staubsauger-Sounds, unterbrochen von Kratz- & Rauschattacken. 47 min n schner Box mit sonniger Artwork.

Sun Recordings" is a result of almost four years of doing nothing. I wanted to literally record the sound of the sun-in the same way that people want to feel a smell, look at a sound, or hear a vison. For these recordings, I took previously composed (very static) semi-electroacoustic pieces and transferred them to pre-recorded tapes that had been sitting in my desk drawer for ten years. I then left these out in the scorching Maltese sun for a duration of four years... When I got round to actually playing the sun-baked tapes, I had serious doubts that the sun would have had any noticable effect upon them---but to my amazement the sun's exposure had indeed produced a great effect on the tapes, decaying the sound and reforming harsh noises into violent bangs. [artist info]