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ARFORD, SCOTT / RANDY H.Y. YAU - Edit for Unconsciousness

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Auscultare Research aus015
Release Year: 2001
Note: great split-work and first CD release for SCOTT ARFORD, concrete machine-like drones full of tension! back in stock last copies, special priced !!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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Hochspannungscollagen! Schwelende, knirschende dronescapes, die manchmal ins Uferlose ausbrechen, Gerusche wie High Voltage-Sirren, flirrendes Rauschen wie von Grillen.... insgesamt eher ruhig aber spannend, wie die neuen MLEHST-Sachen zum Beispiel.

The dark, black and white case denies the variety of activity going on here. But 'Edit..' has this vast display of modes that affect the senses like a blindfolded ride through a blacked-out city. Delightful tension and fleeting sonic spectacle are the main experiences here. Four basic tracks encapsulate four different pieces, each with several worlds inside of itself. Yau's 'Realia' is a restless collection of nervous mechanical and organic noises, culminating in a sudden blotch of noise cut off as with a meat-cleaver. Then the 'Headworms' track by Arford meanders in and tinkles around with various objects, collaged utterances from the throat of incidental electronics, the cluttered spiritual clumsiness of messing-about with quiet sonics. But 'Drift Counter' is very nice, a twenty-three minute float through the drifting ranges of warm static and fuzzy mist, undulating and singing, a full experience that leads you into Yau's closing piece of roughly the same length. I'll leave that one for your experience. Excellent material. Try Yau's 'Hidden Tongue' disc too and witness some unique work going on over there on the left coast." [Manifold Records]