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BIANCHI, MAURIZIO (M.B.) - Elegietroniche

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: 4iB Records 4iB CD/0114/020
Release Year: 2016
Note: for us one of the best newer M.B. releases, this album with five amorphous drone pieces, letting dark harmonics shine through a big fog, amorphous and mysterious... credits: "Dedicated to all the grieved people who are waiting for their deliverance from the sufferings." lim. 200
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Elegietroniche displays the softer phase of MBТs long journey of musical experimentation with a focus on the spiritual themes of suffering and deliverance. This second chapter sees him moving away from the earlier stages of chaotic electronic incongruity into a religious and philosophical environment. The 5 tracks in this album revolve around a meditative soundscape of calming ambience, laden with distant church bells and choral chants layered heavily with the hum and drone of melancholy and desolation.