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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Unfathomless U40
Release Year: 2017
Note: field recordings made in an old beer brewery in Riga, Latvia, build in the golden area of the town in the 19th century: the sounds of beer kettles and the beer brewing process + surroundings of the area....the piece presents the original sounds first, then a heavy musique concrete processing, before it floats into a droning and buzzing realm... very nice acoustics, not only for beer-drinkers;) lim. 200 in the usual precious Unfathomless design!
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"Filled with ethno-grief and admiration at the same time, Aldaris is a mental time travel back to such a mighty and noble age in Riga when the factories rumbled, stone houses rose up one after another and the whole city rapidly turned from a fusty medieval fortress into the modern layout of the city we still live in. Its an adoration of a great socially economical prosperity which existed not so long ago, but quite unbelievable from the current perspective.
The historical factory of the beer brewery Aldaris (The Brewmaster in Latvian) had its inception around the year 1865. It a living monument of brick architecture of the industrial era which preserves and silently retells the Latvian lands legacy of the past 150 years. Nowadays this total glory stands contrastingly in a midst of a quite humble and remote outskirt named Sarkandaugava (Red river Daugava in Latvian).
The whole territory of the factory is organized in quarters of buildings very characteristic style of that time. Although many of the original buildings has been rebuilt or even demolished, the common look remains largely intact. The specific building we made our recordings in was neglected since 1976 till the renovation started in 2014.
During the repairing period we had the luck to freely interact with the old beer kettles made in year 1938 which now are part of Aldaris beer museum located there. Also we recorded a beer brewing process in the same building and surrounding atmospheres in the whole area. Recordings were made in several stages with the last and most extensive session hold on March 1, 2015 and thus precisely matching the release date of this CD.
As far as were concerned this should be the first beer related work in the world of field recording based audio expressions. And its an honor its hosted in such an important country in beer culture as Belgium. Enjoy!" [Rihards Brazinskis]