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SONOLOGYST + KSHATRIY - Time is the Enemy

Format: MC
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACT 1039
Release Year: 2016
Note: Italian's SONOLOGYST project who creates electro-acoustic improvisations, music that 'oscillates between the scientific sonic documentary and the psychedelic abstraction', and St. Petersburgs "cosmic warrior" KSHATRY in their first collaboration, showing themselves deeply influenced by the philosophy of the mind, metaphysics, questions of time and a J.G. BALLARD story, casting this into five deeply resonating compositions, often quite raw and distorted... great tape, lim. 50, with download code
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"Sonologyst is the Raffaele Pezzella solo project from Italy. It's based on the perpetual experiment in sound, looking back to early experimentation of the Fifties and Sixties, forwarding to the future possibilities of electronic and electro-acoustic instruments, with a special attention to the relationships between music and science, music and other art forms, including literature and modern mythologies. All Sonologyst’s pieces are almost completely improvised. That’s why he calls his music “experimental”, meaning that the result is unpredictable. His music oscillates between the scientific sonic documentary and the psychedelic abstraction.
As Sonologyst, Raffaele Pezzella, is the curator of Unexplained Sounds Group, a multimedia platform created to investigate the current underground experimental worldwide music scene.

Kshatriy is solo musical project founded on June 19, 2004 in Vsevolozhsk, Russia by Bulychev Sergey.
The first step was a live gig in ESG-21.
The name of the project reflects only memories of ancient society in which spiritual values were no less important than material ones.
The music of 'Kshatriy' is based on drone style with ambient and noise elements, with no certain frames and accept any necessary sound sources...with delicate touch.
released July 5, 2016

Time is the Enemy is the latest collaboration between Sonologyst & Kshatriy. This 5-track album features a mature sound where stylistic developments are on the moderate and gradual side.
In Unaltered Mind we find three themes running concurrently: The “Divine Mind” in the metaphysical sense, the Buddhist motif of an “Uncluttered Mind” and the cognitive interpretation of the mind as a body in constant exposure to internal and external stimuli. The Venus Smile shares its name and ethos with a JG Ballard short story published in a science fiction journal of the 50’s about an ornamental object that starts generating uncontrollable sounds. Self-Luminosity is a clear metaphor for what is known in Buddhist tradition as a “Luminous Mind”. Chronopolis borrows thematic references from Piotr Kamler’s film of the same name from 1983 where the character’s existence is not related to time. The last track, Time is the Enemy, is the most lyrical piece of the album and showcases Sonologyst & Kshatriy at their musical best.

In summary, this is an accomplished work with the recurrent theme of time as its main focus and a seamlessly shared vision by two artists in control of their medium. "


"Für Time Is The Enemy (ACT 1039, C-45) haben sich SONOLOGYST & KSHATRIY kurzgeschlossen. Der neapolitanische Sonologe, der vom Schlaf der Vernunft und von luziden Träumen eine höhere Klarheit erwartet, hat mit Sergey Uak-Kib aus Wsewoloschsk (im Oblast Leningrad) einen Mykologen und Somnologen an der Seite. Mit Hilfe der Venus ('Venus Smiles') versuchen sie Chronos die Herrschaft über 'Chronopolis' streitig zu machen, indem sie ihn mit sonoren Dröhnwellen besänftigen und verführen. Von der Zeit und von Venus als den höchsten Mächten und als Komplizen, die in wechselseitiger Abhängigkeit durch Myriaden kleiner Menschenopfer verbundenen sind, hängt, wie Roberto Calasso in "Das Rosa Tiepolos" aufgezeigt hat, die ganze Welt der Erscheinungen ab, hängt einfach alles ab. Wir Erscheinenden, wir Chronopolitaner, wir können das Arcanum entschleiern (wie Sonologyst, der dauernd über 'Sein Und Zeit' spekuliert, es mit 'Beyond the Veil' angedeutet hat). Oder so gut es geht auf diese Schleierleinwand ein wenig Rosa und funkelnde Poesie projezieren, um mit Klingklang oder wenigstens als Kette kleiner Fürzchen dahin zu treiben auf den dröhnenden Falten und rauschenden Wellen des Scheins, bis schließlich doch die Sichel knarzt." [Bad Alchemy]