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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) - Attention Patterns

Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: Important Records IMPREC263
Release Year: 2010
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €40.00

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Booklet Contents:

Interview with Eliane Radigue by Maxime Guitton
Article by Charles Curtis about his collaboration with Eliane Radigue
Interview/Article with Pauline Oliveros by Che Chen
Sonic Meditations by Pauline Oliveros
Interview with Yoshi Wada by Che Chen
Interview with Sun Circle by Che Chen

Attention Patterns is a 2 LP set featuring new and archival compositions by Pauline Oliveros, Eliane Radigue, Yoshi Wada and Sun Circle, as well as a 48 page booklet containing interviews with the composers and related texts. This release brings together composers with shared affinities for long, slowly unfolding durations and unconventional, harmonic approaches to tuning. Each has contributed a full LP side to the compilation. Edition of 600.

Pauline Oliveros’ “Horse Sings from Cloud (Encore)” is a live performance from 1977 that finds her at her most distilled, performing alone with her justly tuned accordion and voice. Eliane Radigue’s electronic work “Biogenesis,” from 1973, uses her ARP synthesizer and recordings of human heartbeats as its main constituents and is the only piece included on the LPs that has been previously released. Sound artist and instrument builder, Yoshi Wada, appears with “Reed Modulations,” a new work for harmonium, audio generators and bagpipe, made in collaboration with his son, Tashi Wada. Greg Davis and Zach Wallace, better known as Sun Circle, have contributed “For Yoshi Wada,” an ecstatic and fitting tribute with its oddly tuned free reed drones and percussion.

The accompanying booklet includes several of Oliveros’ “Sonic Meditations”—verbal scores that formed the basis for her concept of “Deep Listening”—and interviews with Radigue, Wada, and Sun Circle, as well as an in-depth article on collaborating with Radigue by cellist Charles Curtis. Attention Patterns was compiled by Che Chen (whose other outings as anthologist have included the no longer extant, O Sirhan, O Sirhan, a zine that counted Henry Flynt, Bruce McClure, Sir Richard Bishop, Sublime Frequencies, Jessica Rylan, Animal Collective, Deerhoof, Jorge Boehringer and others among it’s featured) and is a co-release between his new imprint, Black Pollen Press, and Important Records. Two LPs, 48 Page Booklet, Letter-pressed Sleeves.

Side A---Eliane Radigue: Biogenesis
Side B---Pauline Oliveros: Accordion and Voice

Side A--Yoshi Wada: Reed Modulation
Side B--Sun Circle: For Yoshi Wada