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SVA (TATJANA SVAHA) - Ulahado-Ulahado

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Kailas Records kls027
Release Year: 2004
Note: Russian ritualistic ethno-folk => the first solo album by TATJANA SVAHA, who is influenced heavily by pagan Slavic traditions (rites & music) of the ALTAI and North Russian regions, performed by her on voice, Jew's harp, and diverse percussion instruments like cow bells, dombra, hollow tube, 'big cow skin two-side drum'....multi-layered throat & overtune singing, strange organic noises, shamanistic percussion, very special & unusual stuf!! with 20 page booklet in Russian lang.
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

More Info

" 'Ulahado-Ulahado" is the first solo album of Tatyana Kalmykova (Tanya Svaha). She has travelled a lot in Russian North and Altai and gathered not only lots of knowledge about pagan Slavic rites and musical traditions, but has become herself a part and continuation of these traditions. This album is dedicated to spring. We can hear the echoes of an ancient cult of a wife and a serpent. This is it, this dark and at the same time most bright character, the serpent, coming from darkness, stands at the cradle of a year. "U-la-ha-do, u-la-ha-do" - one song features this conjuration with a name of a pagan Slavic deity of love - Lada (Lado). 20-page booklet." [label info]