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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Glacial Movements GM020
Release Year: 2013
Note: first collaboration by these well known US American ambient/electronica artists, inspired by the Greek God of darkness => five long tracks of beatless trancension drones, the great cosmic melancholy...
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"Beyond this flood a frozen continent
Lies dark and wilde, beat with perpetual storms
Of whirlwind and dire hail, which on firm land
Thaws not, but gathers heap, and ruin seems
Of ancient pile; all else deep snow and ice....
- Milton, Paradise Lost, II.

From Chaos came forth Erebus and black Night; but of Night were born Aether and Day, whom she conceived and bore from union in love with Erebus.
- Hesiod, Theogony (120125)

released 14 October 2013
written and produced by Brock Van Wey & Scott Morgan
deepest thanks to Alessandro Tedeschi, without whom the journey would never have begun
Cover Photo by Bjarne Riesto
Art Direction,photo manipulation/Layout by Keep Adding
A Glacial Movements Records release, October 2013." [label info]


"Brock van Wey and Scott Morgan aka Bvdub and Loscil coax the best out of each other on this epic, romantic dedication to the darkness of night. 'Erebus' takes it name from the Greek mythological figure used to represent "the personification of darknessone of the first five beings to come into existence, born from Chaos", which provides a suitably classical backdrop for its five widescreen soundscapes. Erebus is said to have fathered several other deities, who lend their name to the track titles. 'Aether' is a thirteen minute ascension thru airy chorales to exalted ambient heights; 'Hespiredes' is segues from serene to dramatic shoegaze; the 24 minute centrepiece, 'Hypnos' meditates on Indian classical and cosmic ambient themes; 'Moirai' is a positively angelic panorama of blooming choral harmonics; 'Thanatos', the twin of 'Hypnos' is an elegiac, more succinct closer laden with heavy hearted minor key chords and swirl of plaintive vocals." [Boomkat]