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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Gterma [gterma042]
Release Year: 2015
Note: collaboration of SiJ with the Russian ethnomusicologist, SERGEY GABBASOV who dive together deeply into the Tibetan & Eastern Ritual Music tradition of the BN (the archaic religion of the Tibetan Himalaya), combining sounds from the original instruments (also from Armenia, Moldavia, Tuva, etc..) with foggy transcension drones and chants... two epic tracks, 79 min. & full colour booklet with pictures from the region of the old ZHANG-ZHUNG in Tibet
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"Spreading their influence across what is today known as the rooftop of the world, the ancient kingdoms of the Zhang Zhung reached into the distant valleys and plateaus of the Himalayas. A culture centered upon the holy Mount Kailash, this people followed the Bonpo tradition, living their lives in the shadows of the many fearful Bonpo deities, but also overwatched by the compassionate Lord of the Heavens. Journey together with Vladislav Sikach and Sergey Gabbasov as they restore to life the centuries old mysteries of the Zhang Zhung.


1. Bn Sacred Rituals (36:06)
2. Tengri (43:40)

SiJ is an Ukrainian dark ambient/drone project created by Vladislav Sikach and aims to develop a unique sound combined with various industrial features mostly in sombre dark ambient way. Instrumentation includes various guitars, drums and synthesizers as well as handmade mechanical or electromechanical sound devices. Recently SiJ also started to use field recordings made in various places from urban streets to abandoned military and industrial facilities.

Sergey Gabbasov is an ethnomusicologist, specialized in the peoples of East Africa, and a student of Dhow Countries Music Academy (Zanzibar, Tanzania). He has made many ethnographical expeditions in different parts of Africa, Asia and Europe, produced several films about indigenous peoples and studied their native music." [label info]