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SWANS - White Light from the Mouth of Infinity / Love of Life

Format: 3 x LP+CD - BOX
Label & Cat.Number: MUTE BXSTUMM 377
Release Year: 2015
Note: first vinyl re-issues of "White Light.." (1991) and "Love of Life" (1992), plus a bonus CD with 18 tracks of outtakes & rare live recordings; comes with 2 posters & download codes, in black lined box with original logo in silver foil block; limited box edition !!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €58.00

More Info

"Swans continue their remastered reissues series on Mute / Young God Records with the release of White Light from the Mouth of Infinity and Love of Life on 4 December 2015.

The two albums will be initially released as a limited vinyl box set and presented in the original restored artwork, which includes paintings by Deryk Thomas. The 2500 micron black lined box - with original logo in silver foil block in black paper - will also include 2 rare posters, a CD of outtakes, rarities, contemporaneous live recordings and a download code for both albums.

The vinyl issue will include the track Blind, not included in the original release. Love of Life, the band's eighth studio album, followed soon after in 1992. According to Allmusic's Ned Ragget, Love of Life continues the astounding creative roll Swans found themselves on yet another Swans masterpiece. The vinyl version of this album has also been unavailable since its original release.

Michael Gira recently announced that Swans are currently working on their last album in this current incarnation. The basic tracks and vocals were completed last month at Sonic Ranch studio in Texas with John Congleton as engineer, with Michael Gira producing. Further work will continue in Seattle and Berlin and the new album is expected to be released on Mute / Young God Records in late spring 2016." [label info]

"The necessary vinyl reissue of the 1991 album White Light From the Mouth Of Infinity! Swans were in a time of transition, after what M. Gira considered an epic failure in their one and only major label release, The Burning World (1989), and it is also worth noting that founding member / guitarist Norman Westberg had parted ways with Swans at this juncture. The tempered acoustic strum that Gira first mapped out on Burning World carries over as the much more aggressive underpinning of the crashing hypno-drone-rock of much of White Light, most dramatically cast in the downer blues ballad "Failure" and the J.G. Thirwell coproduced drum-corps march of "Power & Sacrifice". The lilting jangle of the guitars and the brightly rendered drones that hang throughout both that album and Love Of Life counterpoints Gira's booming vocals, all of which helps to conjure a very triumphant Swans sound, effectively surging with huge crescendos of texture and density out of monolithic chords, riffs, and rhythms." [Aquarius Rec.]