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Format: 7inch
Label & Cat.Number: DAIS Records DAIS 057
Release Year: 2014
Note: somehow chiseled, sharp, angled noise drones or harsh ambience....two great tracks, we're not sure if they are old or new... !! lim. 300, textured cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €8.50

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"Im not a noise guy but if you put some M.B. in front of me, I pay attention. I appreciate the abstract on his methods and the meaning of these pieces provided on the sleeve, and even with their presence Im still intrigued about how he got from there to here. Both pieces (Amentest and Testamen) rely on percussive reverberation, dopplering and detonating over a soundboard of sharp, echoing waveforms, some of which almost bark at their rough and clinical treatment as theyre zapped down the tube. None of the sounds feel out of place, even though (and maybe because) all of them might be; Amentest does seem like more of a test, where Testamen uses the main technique of the A-side to cycle through a steady pulse. Something like a melody shows up, sourced from elsewhere and obliterated by process within seconds, but with whats going on here your ears tend to look for the familiar. Testamen in particular provides this sensation, towards its end, when it sounds as if an old black-and-white TV showing a film noir is having an electrical nightmare, its screen glowing brighter than it ever has before, in the death throes of its existence, a whiff of ozone and despair puffing out of the creases. 300 copies" [Still Single - blog]