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TOBACCONISTS! - Smoking is Green

Format: LP & CD
Label & Cat.Number: Economy of Language BREVITY001
Release Year: 2012
Note: first LP by the duo of SCOTT FOUST (IDEA FIRE COMPANY, etc..) and FRANS DE WAARD (KAPOTTE MUZIEK, BEEQUEEN, etc..) containing studio versions of their 2009 tour pieces... lim. 365 copies, contains bonus CD of their radio drama piece "Smoking Is Green: A Radiophonic Opera In Four Cigarettes" for dutch radio
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"In April 2009, Scott Foust (Idea Fire Company, XX Committee, Tart, and the Swill Radio label - among many other projects) was invited to screen his debut feature film 'Here's To Love' in Europe, as well as staging his 'The Four Accomplishments' performance piece. The trip to Europe also gave him the opportunity to join musical hands with Frans de Waard (Beequeen, Freiband, Shifts, Kapotte Muziek, Korm Plastics), who had been on tour with Idea Fire Company in 2005, resulting in the classic IFCO album 'Vital Live In Europe'. As both Scott and Frans are heavy smokers, they settled upon The Tobacconists as the name for their collaborative musical venture (Ashtray Temple was also considered). Scott and Frans got to work in the Extrapool studio, composing six pieces using a small keyboard, an echo machine, a radio, some pre-recorded tapes, a laptop, and some contact microphones. They then took to the road to perform in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and the UK. At the end of their tour, they spent a week conducting proper studio recordings of all six pieces, plus a seventh, 'The Dark Secrets Of Dr. Perati', which was released as a 7' by Plinkity Plonk-Swill Radio. The original six pieces from the tour are now available in glorious full mixed versions as the debut release on economy of language. Limited to 365 copies on transparent green vinyl, all copies come with a bonus CD with their 2011 radio play Smoking Is Green: A Radiophonic Opera In Four Cigarettes' (as commissioned by Dutch radio), and a free MP3 download of the LP material." [label info]