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NURSE WITH WOUND - Sylvie and Babs (expanded ed.)

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Dirter Promotions DPROMDCD113
Release Year: 2015
Note: re-issue of this classic NWW album from 1985 (originally LP on L.A.Y.L.A.H.) feat. the "MURRAY FONTANA ORCHESTRA" with DAVID JACKMAN, E. KA-SPEL, JOHN BALANCE, ROBERT HAIGH, WILLIAM BENNETT, etc. etc.., now re-mastered by DENIS BLACKHAM & with new 12 page booklet and bonus CD with outtakes, unreleased material and remixes from IRR.APP(ext.) and ANDREW LILES
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"Deluxe re-issue of this 80Тs classic from NWW. Expertly re-mastered by Denis Blackham. Beautifully packaged in 6 panel gloss laminated digipac, with special gloss 12 page booklet with artwork by Babs Santini.
Includes a bonus disc of outtakes, unreleased material and remixes from Irr. App. (Ext.) and Andrew Liles." [label info]


"Ah, Sylvie & Babs. Here, rechristened as the High Thigh Companion, instead of the Hi-Fi original. This album, like Soliloquy For Lilith, Salt Marie Celeste, and Chance Meeting On A Dissecting Table, is one of the pinnacles of the Nurse With Wound catalog. It's definitely the silliest amongst Stapleton's always outlandish productions. At the time of this album's original release (that would be 1985), the trajectories of Coil, Psychic TV, Current 93, Test Dept, and other proselytes of the new dark age were almost uniformly bleak; and Steven Stapleton set out to construct an antedote to all of this malaise. Something to get stoned to and provide an instant laugh track for the inner-mind, complete with a pair of eponymous buxom broads on the cover beaming at the audience in glittering '50s Vegas apparel, and a fictional orchestral conductor by the name of Murray Fontana, whom Andrew McKenzie of the Hafler Trio tried to breath fake life into later with his own cut-n-paste job on the Nurse With Wound catalog a few years later. Stapleton's Sylvie & Babs is a chaotic piece of audio collage, liberally sampling from Stapleton's collection of easy / sleazy listening records and extruding all of these along with wind-up toy orchestrations, Spike Jones-esque comedic farts, and various plinkery from his 40-piece strong "orchestra". It's equal parts pisstake and homage to Zappa's Lumpy Gravy, with a theatrical wink and nod never far away. After all, it should be noted than on "You Walrus Hurt The One You Love" (ugh, what a horrible, horrible pun), Stapleton quotes somebody bellowing "It was just a prank!".
This 2015 redux is fleshed out with a bunch of compilation tracks of material composed in similar pandemonium style, much of which has not seen the light of day since the original cassettes. There seems to be one unreleased track and two remixes by the modern day alchemists M.S. Waldron / irr. app. (ext.) and Andrew Liles, both of whom currently assist Stapleton whenever he tours Nurse With Wound." [Aquarius Rec]