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VIDNA OBMANA - The ultimated Sign of burning Death

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Urashima UMA 086
Release Year: 2014
Note: incredible document of VIDNA OBMANAs experimental & harsh beginnings, recorded at home in 1984 with a KORG MS20, using self-fabricated tape loops of various lengths, vocals, a few effects and an old DJ mixer, recorded direct to tape... fully droning noises & pulses with muffled screaming voices, etc.. lim. ed. of only 99 copies, sold out at the label !!
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"Vidna Obmana (stylized vidnaObmana on many album covers) is a pseudonym used by Belgian composer and ambient musician Dirk Serries. 'The Ultimated Sign Of Burning Death' is officially his first tape ever. Completely recorded in his small bedroom at his parent's house in 1984, the music was made on a KORG MS20, using self-fabricated tape loops of various lengths, vocals, a few effects and an old DJ mixer. All pieces were real-time recorded on a standard Marantz tapedeck, with no overdubs. Since originally only a handful of copies were self-released, Belgium's Therapie Organisatie reissued the tape in 1985 for a limited run of 50 copies. Over time the reputation of this hard-to-find tape grew slowly but consistent. Now this rarity appears on beautiful black vinyl with remastered sound. The record is pressed on 140-gram black vinyl and comes in a deluxe silkscreened cardboard sleeve with new artwork, a luxurious insert and a plastic protection sleeve." [label info]


"Yes, that is "Ultimated" you are reading; and no, we're not too sure about it either. Vidna Obmama is the long-standing project of the Belgian electronic musician Dirk Serries. His best known work dates to the '90s, in a series of oceanic ambient records that spilled through an occluded / fictionalized ethnomusicology similar to what :zoviet*france: and O Yuki Conjugate were up to at that point in time. But the earliest cassettes by Vidna Obmana (which translates from Serbian as 'optical illusion') lives up that name as a completely different beast than those tranquilizing soundpaintings or even his smolderingly long-form guitar drone expeditions as Fear Falls Burning. The Ultimated Sign Of Burning Death was the very first release for Vidna Obmana, and has the distinction of being an aggressive industrial noise proposition, pretty much the exact opposite of what he's best known for. That said, Serries did release a compendium of his mechanically inclined industrial tapes on Vinyl On Demand several years back, showcasing his earlier more aggressive inception. But even in comparison to that box, Ultimated Sign Of Burning Death is a dense, almost power-electronic squall of unkempt distortion and hurricane-shock vocal bellows. Controlled Bleeding and early Ramleh would be very worthy reference points. Super limited pressing of just 99 copies on the ever-collectable Italian noise-imprint Urashima. Restocks are unlikely." [Aquarius Records]