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PRURIENT - Frozen Niagara Falls

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Profound Lore Records ‎ PFL-152
Release Year: 2015
Note: PRURIENTs 'magnum opus' created 2013-2015, over 90 min. of material going through all the different sides this project has to offer.. 'from harsh noise savagery and vicious feedback, to brooding electronica, meticulous sampling, and entrancing dark ambient.'
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"The anticipated follow-up full-length to the game changing Bermuda Drain sees noise vanguard Dominick Fernow deliver his most ambitious album yet amongst his already massive repertoire spanning nearly 20 years under the PRURIENT moniker. In what will be defined as the PRURIENT magnum opus, Frozen Niagara Falls began its creation in Dec 2013 and completed Valentines Day 2015. Within that elongated period when Frozen Niagara Falls was taking shape, the vision for the album would take several forms throughout this grueling period and would end up as something much more sprawling and colossal as initially expected. The result being a vast double album spanning 90-minutes which takes the listener throughout all references from the PRURIENT repertoire, from harsh noise savagery and vicious feedback, to brooding electronica, meticulous sampling, and entrancing dark ambient.

The double disc package of Frozen Niagara Falls is packaged in an insanely massive/thick 8-panel digipack with spot gloss and two separate 24-page booklets." [label info]

"The ever-prolific Dom Fernow is back with another Prurient release (the 23rd we've reviewed, actually!!), and it seems the days of nonstop releases of pure harsh noise are long in his past. There was a time not too far back when 30 minutes of mic-against-amp feedback squall on limited release cassette was all you needed to be a noise all-star, but luckily for everyone it looks like we've moved past that. Fernow, in addition to the "whatever I'm listening to right now" vibe of Prurient, has been busy with, let's see, Vatican Shadow, Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement, Exploring Jezebel, and Cold Cave (probably a bunch more too).
On Frozen Niagra Falls, Fernow has two cd's worth of space to explore everything he's been busy with for the past ten plus years of work, and it shows. He drifts and darts between bleak industrial soundscapes, the overblown amp-shattering noise of early Prurient, cheesy coldwave sawtooth synth leads, and pounding, overtly sexual Whitehouse worship. There's moments when Fernow lets a track or an idea really breathe and envelop, and there's some actual tranquility. In the liner notes, in fact, Fernow recommends you listen "at night while snow falls silently under street lights". But, this is still a Prurient album, and what kind of Prurient album would it be if it didn't have the occasional outburst of pent up hypersexual rage? Channeling the distorted, fucked up rhythms and lyrical themes of classic power electronics, Fernow makes you look up and listen, to forget the snow falling under the street lights and pay attention. Those moments quickly disappear into the albums frozen landscape, though, as this album is more brood then bludgeon. A huge fucking statement of an album, easily the best Prurient record thus far, and highly recommended for old fans and new." [Aquarius Rec.]