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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Trouble in Mind TIM086CD
Release Year: 2015
Note: very low fi & reduced experiments with monophonic synth & guitar, recalling the 70's electro / industrial pioneers like SUICIDE... the third album by this guitarist / minimalist from Tokyo; "this is music that speaks truly through its bare elements, shedding unnecessary move or obstruction" [Decoder]
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Hiiragi Fukuda turned a lot of heads with his 2013 album My Turntable Is Slow - released on NY label Selection Records. For many outside of his hometown of Tokyo, Japan it was their first introduction to the guitarist...


"Japanese experimental artist Hiiragi Fukuda returns with his third stateside issue, as Trouble in Mind Records reissues the guitarist-synthesists 2014 Seacide on LP and CD (originally issued on cassette by Sloow Tapes). It would be shortsighted to call Fukudas rhythms minimal, as that word only describes his recording set up for this release. With one synthesizer, one guitar, delay pedal, and microphone, the artist weaves patterns that bleed beyond repetition into open, breathtaking ceremonies. In the streaming embed below, you will find that Fukuda is a patient player, to say the least, as he works with limited note sequences as long as physically necessary for the next narrative set. Harmonic feedback might be that story, or a shift in pitch or slight lead line. If the listener follows the standard story that original krautrock artists sought a form of music that transcended traditional influences and rhythms, Fukuda reduces that line to its most orthodox interpretation, thereby opening its grand potential: this is music that speaks truly through its bare elements, shedding unnecessary move or obstruction. Seacide is available from Trouble in Mind Records on March 31." [Decoder Magazine]