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FURUDATE, TETSUO - One Day an old Phantom passed

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Menstrual Recordings LH10
Release Year: 2009
Note: five pieces with relations to famous films (for example TARKOVSKYs 'Nostalgia' and COCTEAUs 'Orphee') by this Japanese composer known for his ultra intense, bombastic neo-classic noise creations; here we have massive wall of sound earthquake drones and sampled orchestral bits that interact with the film quotes in a surrealistic way... quite special & effective.. a one-tracker of 58 min, lim. 500
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First full lenght solo studio album since 2001 !
With this new recordings Tetsuo confirm himself as one of the greatest Japanese noise artists of all times..

Numbered edition of 500 copies.


Its been a while since I last bumped, physically, into Tetsuo Furudate, but also a while since I last heard his music. Whatever I heard sounded good, but I also felt it was not my kind of music. What that is, I don't know. Furudate uses the sampler to create soundtrack like music. He uses percussion samples, guitar samples, orchestral stuff. Maybe I think its the occasional orchestral bombast and noise that put me off a bit. These two new releases re-aquint me with his music. I have no idea why one is released as a CD and one as a CDR. The CD lists five films ('Nostalgia' (Tarkovsky), 'Hamlet (Olivier), 'Singin' In The Rain' (Kelly), 'Orphee' (Cocteau) and 'Persona' (Bergman) from which he used sound samples to create this one hour work. Some of the bombast is indeed present here, but then I think its also kept to a minimum. I fail to see the relevance of mentioning the films as sources, but then it might also be that I never saw those films. By and large drones seem to prevail in this work, wether they are loud or quiet. Its hard to spot any link towards any film, but its a great work. Even the noise bit and the sampled orchestral percussive bits work fine here."
[FdW/Vital Weekly]