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PRIME, MICHAEL - One Hour as a Plant

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: and/OAR and/42 OHA/1
Release Year: 2014
Note: uncomparable organic microsounds, strangest and most curious clickings & crackles...created by recording the bioelectrical field of a PEYOTE cactus; this is a different (earlier) version of the piece that was released in 2005 as CD-R "One Hour as Peyote" on Mycophile.. "highly electronic, but also highly vibrant and also highly organic. It seems as if every new sound comes from the old one, and starts to grow, before it mutates into a new sound. The sound of growth made audible" [Frans de Waard]
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"All of the sounds used in this composition were produced by recording the bioelectrical field of a specimen of the peyote cactus (Lophophora williamsii). A fascinating work that takes the listener into normally unheard

One Hour As A Plant was composed in 2003 for Ben Green's Resonance FM program called "One Hour As...". In 2005, Michael released a slightly shorter version (57:57 versus 61:02) himself on CDR under the title "One Hour As Peyote". After closely listening to both "OHAPlant" and "OHAPeyote", it was decided that the 61:02 "OHAPlant" version would be released on CD.

This release will also be the first of a new sub-series called "One Hour As...". The plan is to mostly present new environmental sound work based on Ben Green's concept, plus a small number of works previously broadcast on the program (like this release and another one released by and/OAR in 2006 called Bordeaux TNT by Afflux)."