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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Skrat Records skr-011
Release Year: 2013
Note: first LP for this promising Danish ambient project, opening up spaces for the inner phantasy, working extremely subtle with synths & guitars, turntables, viola, laptops - based on loopy improvisations most tracks have been carefully re-arranged, airy ambience with some abstract elements appearing, with a beautiful tranquilized basic mood... somewhere between OPHOI, FENNESZ and ZOVIET FRANCE? Lim. 250
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"The Copenhagen based duo Small Things on Sundays are proud to present their first LP, "Searching For", the seventh album release by the duo - but the first that will be available on vinyl. Small Things on Sundays have focused on their musical vision to create an album of beauty and shade, which will take the listener on a sound journey exploring the filmic images the tracks presents. It can be investigated with further listenings revealing subtle details.

The title "Searching For" refers to the duo's own quest to create new moods and athmospheres, where time stretches out, as the listener, and the band themselves, submerges into harmonic ambient layers and more abstract unsettling textures that emerge from the improvisations. To be engulfed in these mesmerizing sounds, can serve as a way to step out of daily life for a moment, which seems needed now and again.

"Searching For" can also be seen as an imaginary interpretation of places on earth, like "Echo Lake at Night", or in space "Enceladus" (Earth-like moon orbiting Saturn). The basic sounds on the LP are derived from live improvisations, using turntables, detuned guitar, toy keyboard, viola and laptops. Some of the tracks are kept as the first live-takes, other tracks are the product of long hours of re-imagining and re-arranging tracks from the sound archive." [label info]


"Following a string of releases on CDR, cassette and download, some of which we reviewed in Vital Weekly (see for instance Vital Weekly 717, 732, 777 and 862), Danish duo Small Things On Sundays, now venture out to their first full length vinyl release. Henrik Bagner and Claus Poulsen use turntables, guitars, casio-keyboard, viola and laptops. They tell us that some of the pieces here were recorded in one take, and others took hours and hours to do on the computer. Cleverly they don't tell us which. It's not easy to say, and probably not very interesting to think about it. Easiest is to state that Small Things On Sundays play 'dark ambient' music. I was, recently, listening to some older Zoviet*France releases, even before I knew this LP was coming and it's nice to see the Zoviet*France template on an album like this. The careful use of real instruments, the abundance of sound effects, the creative use of tape-loops, the spacious nature of this music. As Small Things On Sundays note in the letter with this record, this is perhaps the lightest and most accessible of the trilogy '4AM' (717), 'More' (732) and now this one. I totally agree. The sharper edges of the music might be gone indeed, but I think that works well. The newly placed refined sounds make up for that rough edge but it also moves the work forward, onto the next level. The brightness of the music shines through here, like an early morning sun with a soft breeze on a nice spring day. The music is opening up and we see the potential of Small Things On Sundays much clearer now. This is a road they should explore more and more. Not trying to replicate the music, but to see what else lies in this brighter light. It's surely something they should do!" [FdW/Vital Weekly]