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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Premier Sang sang008
Release Year: 2013
Note: this mighty experimental trio from France (somewhere between bruitiste impro, heavy industrial & low fi noise rock) existing already since early 90's is finally back with 10 tracks of crushing industrial rock noise und roaring low fi drones, pressed into overwhelming powerful forms, really violent & insane.. think of WOLF EYES, BSTARD, HUMAN QUENA ORCHESTRA, etc..
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"Sister Iodine's new album is their most beautiful and their most terrific...
Sister iodine's reason to be is one of an intense absolutist quest, almost mystical of Beauty, although Lionel Fernandez, Erik Minkkinen and Nicolas Mazet have never clearly formulated the idea, claiming their immoderate love for chaos and destruction..
Punctually of a savagery and an insanity able to humiliate 99% of the black TRVE bullshit said on the planet (except that i think it might also be one of their references - Beherit - ), Blame breaks another weigh point of violence, precision and abjection; each sound is polished in it's detail and demesure, each guitar riff is heavier than an aircraft carrier, each scream drills higher than any body, no heart would be able to tolerate it. This record is infinitely human and infinitely cruel, artwork of three lost for good souls, who have only found absolution through perdition. Like few records, Blame is a hideous terrible and absolutely sublime, without doubt the best one finished by Sister Iodine, probably the most intense record that you could listen to this year " [Olivier Lamm / The Drone]