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PRINZIP NEMESIS - My Name is Assumption

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACLE 1008
Release Year: 2014
Note: an experimental travelogue / collage created from field recordings made in India, the original sounds (ocean & beach, city street noise, prayers, temple, street musicians, etc.) have been processed or other musical material has been added to form an interesting piece of sound art... "they have created a piece of acoustic art that transcends the boundaries of phonography, poetry, and music.." lim. 25 copies only, with two inlay / cover cards
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"A trip through India, captured through field recordings, poetry, and songs this is what this album is about. Instead of relying on the so-called pure soundscape of an exotic country like so many practitioners of phonography, Prinzip Nemesis recreate their impressions and the moods they experienced on their trip in compositions that carefully interweave the field recordings and found music by street musicians with music for electric guitars, pianos, and synthesizers.

This is a great acoustic travelogue that is second to none but the best works in the genre, for example by Luc Ferrari. Prinzip Nemesis are wise enough to know that sounds do not always speak for themselves, so to tell a story with sounds, you still need words - and music, in this case a kind of goth-rock/electro-pop/ambient hybrid style that is always in the service of the overall atmosphere of the whole album, which really feels like one long piece. Prinzip Nemesis manage no small feat: They have created a piece of acoustic art that transcends the boundaries of phonography, poetry, and music in a way usually only found in the most sophisticated radio art compositions while remaining totally accessible and entertaining to all sorts of listeners." [label info]


"If I tell you that this release deals with sounds recorded traveling through India, you may form already an idea what this will be about. Right? Human interaction, sounds from nature and that's it? That's not the case here, or perhaps only partly. Prinzip Nemesis, of whom I think I didn't hear before, takes these field recordings from India and brings into the context of 'music', by adding guitars, pianos and synthesizers. Not a collage of sounds from an exotic country but pieces that stand by themselves, in which a voice (by Birgit Merk, one half of Prinzip Nemesis) sings, recites and whispers additional lyrics, along with looped voice material. She and her partner Marc Fischer add more or less a pop tune to the field recordings. This is not y'r usual field recording turned music (say in the classical, Luc Ferrari sense), but lushly played and with a fine sense of naivety. I am not sure if it works well in every track, as I seemed to like the more adventurous pieces, such as
'Namaste' best: here we have a collage of fire recordings, a bit of piano and synthesizer and the looped greeting that makes up the title. Not altogether, but spread out over the course of ten minutes. Sometimes I don't seem to get along with it, such as the guitars and singing in 'Mumbai'. It's a most curious release; a daring experiment that works and sometimes it doesn't, which makes it a successful release in my book." [FdW/Vital Weekly]