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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: XL Recordings XLCD609
Release Year: 2014
Note: first rare album from 1997, darker & more experimental than nowadays => hyper-spheric & free floating dronescapes (instrumental sounds, field recordings) with multi-layered elfin-vocals + tracks that sound already song-oriented like a raw version of the typical later SIGUR ROS sound.... great album, available again !
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"Wieder lieferbar, die erste SIGUR ROS von 1997, damals noch weitaus experimenteller und droniger als heutzutage...in einer hyper-sphärischen, frei fliessenden Art und Weise verbinden sich auf vielen Stücken dunkles Grummeln, field recordings, Instrumentalklänge und z.T. mehrstimmige Elfen-Gesänge zu geräuschhaften Dronescapes...
daneben gibt es Stücke die schon typische Song-Strukturen und klassische SIGUR ROS Harmonien andeuten ... aber vieles klingt noch reichlich anders, rauher, z.T. auch heftiger rockend, mit extremen Studioeffekten & Cut-Ups versehen, wunderschön das folkige Titelstück VON." [Drone Rec.]

"I remember the feeling that enveloped me the first time that I heard Sigur Ros - a copy of Agaetis Byrjun played over the loudspeakers at Vintage Vinyl in Fords, New Jersey (bless 'em) - my knees quivered, my jaw dropped, and I had one of those all too rare musical epiphanies. Subsequently, I worried that once acquainted with their lovely and idiosyncratic music, it would never elicit quite the same genuine and fresh response again. The reissue of the group's elusive debut, Von, on One Little Indian, puts those misgivings to rest. It may be Sigur Ros's debut, but it is as ambitious as albums come.
Yes, Von is a sprawling work - 72 minutes of sprawl - reveling in sonic experiment, diverse in texture, and somewhat ambling in formal design: so what? When layers of choir-boy vocals are added to the group's singing ("Hun Joro"), when feeble, naturalistic sounds are used in questing improvisations ("Sigur Ros"), or when acoustic instruments coalesce with a swath of electronics ("Dogun"), you'll find your jaw on the floor, too, stunned as ever." [Christian Carey / Junkmedia]