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RUTSUBO - Zakuro

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Omnimemento om 10
Release Year: 2014
Note: project of HITOSHI KOJO, CAROLO KOJO (=JPPALA KPI), VALERIE MAGISSON and JANI HIRVONEN (UTON, AAN, etc.) with suspended and at times weird/expressive ethno ambience, using lots of mantric vocal material; lim. 150 w. extremely nice handmade cover (cloth bag), screen printed
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"Zakuro is a document of a midsummer feast held by Rutsubo: four artists from four different countries, as strolled in the forest of Broceliande and meditated at Robert Tatin's labyrinth in France.
Jani Hirvonen (Finland) has released numerous titles since the early 2000's as Uton. His wild intuition, cultivated in the forests of Karelia, is directly connected to the pulsations from the depths of the earth and the vibrations of the nebulae. His recordings pour out through his limbs like the automatic writings of a channeler.
Valrie Magisson (France) releases recordings and video works as Sunhiilow. She consistently presents a detailed mythological world with delicately structured works that reflect her adoration of ancient civilizations. However her vocalization and percussions on track 5 and 6 of this album reveal her hidden shamanic side, as opposed to the anonymous aesthete as Sunhiilow.
Hitoshi Kojo (Japan) and Carole Kojo (Switzerland) began making music together in 2006 as Jppala Kpi, and since 2010 have released their recordings primarily through their own omnimemento label. Their sensibility to the discovery of harmony among different elements is strongly displayed in this album, and it gives a wide-ranging but unified impression and structure to these spontaneous improvisations.
The CD is encased in handmade packaging that features Jani Hirvonen's line drawings and Carole Kojo's linocut designs. The first edition is 150 copies, in two color variations." [label info]