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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Rune Grammofon RCD2162
Release Year: 2014
Note: the 12th album for the Norwegian "Avantgarde/ FreeJazz/Rock /Electronca" superstars, who never meet for rehearsal, but only for completely improvised recordings or concerts; their new album after 4 years - this time more dark & bleak, moving more into typical DEATHPROD & ARVE HENRIKSEN areas...
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"Helge Sten: Audio Virus, Electronics Stle Storlokken: Keyboards, Electronics Arve Henriksen: Trompete, Electronics Die mchtigen SUPERSILENT kehren nach vier viel zu langen Jahren mit einem neuen Album zurck.

Aufgenommen zwischen drei verschiedenen Sessions im Jahr 2011 wurde 'Supersilent 12' von DEATHPROD aus Stunden von Aufnahmen in seinem Audio Virus Lab, bei Athletic Sound in Halden und im Emanuel Vigeland Museum mit seinem natrlichen 20-Sekunden-Nachhall produziert.

Von Anfang an haben sich SUPERSILENT mit groer Intensitt nach vorn bewegt. Die Musik von SUPERSILENT ist ein Kollektivwerk, Improvisation der ganzen Gruppe und keine Frage der individuellen Hervorhebung.

Sie proben niemals als Gruppe und diskutieren die Musik zu keiner Zeit. Sie treffen sich nur, um Konzerte zu spielen oder um aufzunehmen.

Jede Aufnahme und jedes Konzert ist damit eine einzigartige Gelegenheit, die nie wiederkehrt und die Musik existiert in einem Niemandsland zwischen Avant Garde Free Jazz, Rock, Electronica und moderner Komposition.

Manchmal kann das wirken, als sei es zumindest arrangiert, was nur unterstreicht, dass diese Musiker auf hchster, fast schon telepathischer Ebene, kommunizieren.

'Supersilent 12' ist ein weiteres Indiz dafr. Sonst fr Electronica bekannt bewegen sich die Musiker dieses Mal weiter in das avantgardistische Territorium, in dem DEATHPROD und die ARVE HENRIKSEN Releases ,Chron" und 'Cosmic Creation' zu Hause sind.

Das Album breitet einige der dstersten und unheimliches Soundlandschaften in der Geschichte von SUPERSILENT aus, lsst jedoch noch immer Platz fr die lyrische Trompete von Henriksen." [label info]

"Longtime ultimate aQ faves Supersilent, the Norwegian quote-unquote death jazz unit featuring trumpeter Arve Henriksen, electronic 'audio virus' producer Helge "Deathprod" Sten, and keyboardist Stale Storlokken, had not released an album since 2010, when both Supersilent 10 and 11 came out, until this new one, titled in their standard chronological fashion, Supersilent 12, of course. (And along with this release, Supersilent 11 has now also simultaneously been made available on cd for the first time, see the nearby review for that.)
So, it's been four years, and worth the wait - Supersilent 12 is a veritable doozy. And a perfect release for this Halloween-y time of the year, as it's both spooky and powerful, reminiscent of a 20th (21st!) Century avant-classical, electroacoustic piece, very soundtracky/soundscapey, Supersilent this time around sounding much more like Xenakis or Ligeti, than the Miles Davis meets Autechre mashup they sometimes have achieved. It's droning, dynamic, totally cold-void-conjuring stuff! Lots of unidentifiable abstract tones and drones, from shimmering, keening high end to tinkling, mysterious melody to deeper lower end ominousness, certainly not in any way jazzy or hyper rhythmic, more about texture and emotion. You do hear in some passages the trademark breathy melancholia of Henriksen's lyrical trumpet, as it appears backgrounded by ever-so-slightly-glitchy electronics, strident drones, and doleful, Varese-like percussion, though.
It's serious, it's kind of scary, it's often quite beautiful. Definitely an impressive return statement from these guys, proving that they maintain the ambition to explore new territory and conquer it as well. Not that Deathprod, at least, hasn't ventured into the cold void before..." [Aquarius Records]

"Somewhere in the back of my head I know Supersilent is a famous group, but I am not sure why. I think I heard some of the earliest works, then a long time nothing at all, so '12' is me getting back to know them. I usually leave promos from Rune Grammofon to Dolf Mulder, but usually have a listen myself first and I decided to keep this. Supersilent is a trio of Arve Henriksen (trumpet, electronics), Stale Storlokken (keyboards, electronics) and Helge Sten (audio virus, electronics), and they play music together through ways of improvisation. They duly record all of this and hand it out to Deathprod - which is Helge Sten actually - who then produces then the music. I am not sure how that works: does he have access to the multi-track tapes? Or perhaps he takes everything apart and uses the studio as new instrument? Whatever the case might be, the music is pretty interesting. It's all very electronic, a bit dark, but Henriksen's trumpet add a particular smoky nightclub jazz feeling to it; maybe like a film noir soundtrack. The jazz element is not very strong per se, but places nice accents in the music. The music is very moody and textured, something which I don't seem to remember from the '1-3' box set which I heard years ago, which somehow was reminded here as more 'deconstructed rock' music. Now that Supersilent no longer has a drummer, this is perhaps the logical direction to move in? These soundscapes are short (usually between three and four minutes) and to the point, each with it's own distinct atmosphere, yet all of them together creating a great coherent album. Excellent release!" [FdW/Vital Weekly]