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1000SCHOEN - Paintings at the Nightsky

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Nitkie patch 11
Release Year: 2014
Note: transformations of WW II sounds & objects (for example made on bomb-slivers) into a dark but beautiful pulsating drone-soundtrack; the eternally inherited trauma of war experiences is set free (like in a therapy) and mutates to uplifting transcendental ambiences... six long tracks, lim. 500 and best album for this Bremen-based project so far we think !!
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"New milestone work on double CD from the german experimental music old stager Helge Siehl (ex-Maeror Tri) is devoted to destroying power of mankind, spreading its essence in war. The music is originated from the old photo made in times of WWII you can see at the albums cover - the air raid of allies over Kiel, which totally destroyed this city. Based on the vibrating sound of metal sheets and rhythmic patterns of bomb explosions, the music transposes this image to another dimension, embracing the tragical eminence of this eternal ritual of war. Limited edition of 500 copies in a six-panel digipak." [press-release]


"Former Maeror Tri member Helge Siehl embarked on a solo career in music, working as 1000Schoen. He seems to have a find a stable place in the catalogue of Nitkie Records, who already released two double CD sets and a single CD - his first one (see also Vital Weekly 764, 789 and 841). Here's his latest release and once again it's a double CD. I am not sure of we should take the 'paintings' literally - meaning music for paintings - or perhaps more in a metaphorical way, as music for something dark. Like his former Maeror Tri buddies who now work as Troum, 1000Schoen follows the path of all things dark and atmospheric. We have here more than 80 minutes of music and all of these in lengthy pieces, ten minutes are short and twenty is long. A typical piece of 1000schoen starts out with some drones and then slowly adds various sound sources, just as the overtones produced by cymbals or percussion instruments. That seems to be something new in his work, something that wasn't as obvious before. Loops; yes, rhythm: not so much. Maybe 1000schoen is using a drum machine or real percussion, or, more likely, a combination of both. It adds a different flavour to his music, more spice, but all along maintains to have that dark atmospheric quality. Oddly distorted rhythm in 'Melting Glass', which gathers a more tribal feel of sonic overload. It seems as if 1000schoen is on the move, onto something else, something new, expanding his sound and that seems to me a good thing. Orchestral ambient of an abstract nature, not unlike Maeror Tri, not unlike Troum, but with a clear voice of his own. An excellent move forward." [FdW/Vital Weekly]