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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) - IPEM - Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music: 50 years of Electronic and Electroacoustic Music at the Ghent University

Format: BOOK & do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Metaphon 004
Release Year: 2013
Note: collection of recordings from the archive of the IPEM - for the 50th anniversary - with mostly unreleased material (from 1958-1999) by many New Music composers from Belgium (but also other countries): LUCIEN GOETHALS, LOUIS DE MEESTER (amazing piece from 1963!), HELMUT LACHENMANN, KAREL GOEYVAERTS, RAOUL DE SMET, RICARDO MANDOLINI, PETER SCHUBACK, etc. CD version with BIG 12" x 12" 88p. book !!
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"IPEM : Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music. '50 years of electronic and electroacoustic music at the Ghent University'. Edition of 700 copies. 31 x 31cm. In commemoration of IPEM's 50th anniversary, Metaphon presents a lavishly illustrated 88 page book (all text in Dutch and English) with two CDs featuring Lucien Goethals, Didier Gazelle, Louis De Meester, David Van de Woestijne, Stefan Beyst, Helmut Lachenmann, Boudewijn Buckinx, Karel Goeyvaerts, Emmanuel Van Weerst, Peter Beyls, Raoul De Smet, Frank Nuyts, Ricardo Mandolini, Peter Schuback, Stephen Montague and Yves Knockaert. All tracks were recorded at the IPEM studio and mastered from the original tapes. Most tracks are previously unreleased. Vinyl version comes out late May in an edition of 300 copies and contains 3LP's (same material as the CD version) in a linen box + 2CD + book." [label info]


"Now here's a compilation about which I won't complain about for a change. This has all to do with the excellent presentation of the whole thing (thumbs up for designer Meeuw here). Some ninety pages of information and photographs, posters and record sleeves dealing with the first fifty years of the Institute For Psychoacoustics And Electronic Music in Ghent, Belgium. I must admit I never heard of this studio before, and from the people who worked there, I recognize only such names as Karel Goeyvaerts, Helmut Lachenmann and Ricardo Mandolini. This studio was part of the Belgium radio, like it was common in those days (see Cologne or Milan) to have such a studio. This studio was partly for the creation of new electronic compositions, but also research, such as into new ways of notating music, new technology and multimedia. The double CD (or if you choose: there is also version of the two CDs, with the same material on three LPs, in a box) contains pieces of these fifty years (1958-1999 to be precise, even when the studio was officially founded in 1963) - actually a little bit before that. The main texts in the book (more or less LP sized) are about the history of the studio in a more linear form, but also there is a history which follows the various pieces on this package, which is an excellent read if you play the music. There is some mighty good music here, such as 'Torso (tape Part)' by Raoul de Smet, Louis de Meester's 'Incantations' (a very early marriage between voice and electronic sound), lots of pure electronics, such as 'Les Cephalopodes' by David van de Woestijne, the rather playful 'Nachklnge Aus Dem Theater Part 1' by Karel Goeyvaerts, the political piece 'Chile (part 1)' by Frank Nuyts, or the long piece for electronics, percussion and flutes (it seems) by Stephen Montague. There is lots of great music here actually, and lots of new names. Alongside say the three double CDs of Dutch Electronic Music which Near put out, this is a likewise excellent overview of a historical nature. You would wish for another box set to emerge really quickly from these archives." [FdW/Vital Weekly]