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STAR TURBINE - Inner Space / Outer Space

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit ACC 1011
Release Year: 2013
Note: the duo of SINDRE BJERGA (Norway) and CLAUS POULSEN (Denmark) doing experimental, floating ambience with enough concrete edges & unusual sounds, working with everything the are getting in their hands it seems (metal objects, radio sounds, guitar, prepared amplified objects, electronic sources...), all is handplayed, improvised and often quite rough... (based on live recordings from two performances in Hamburg and Aalborg, Denmark, April 2012); comes in DVD case with translucent cover
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"ACC 1011: CD-R in DVD-case

Pulsing machine samples, spaced-out waves of electronic sounds, far-away music from a half-muted radio, metal being beaten by a guitar or the other way round. The music of Star Turbine, the duo of Sindre Bjerga from Norway and Claus Poulsen from Denmark, is built on such seeming opposites that they both work to collapse in their live performances with electronics and prepared amplified objects.

The two takes on this live album were recorded on two subsequent dates of Star Turbines Inner Space / Outer Space tour in Hamburg and Aalborg (Denmark) in April 2012. They navigate the wide open space between mechanical objects and electrical mains hum, creating imaginary galaxies from mundane materials. Like all the output of Tangerine Dream squished up into a 1 second sample then dragged out again on a low res JPEG, is how Star Turbine describe their sound, but the music here sounds much more hand-made and visceral than this suggests, and you can feel that, although everything here has to do with electroacoustics, there are no presets used and everything is played by hand, intuitive and improvised. The amplified object may not be the new folk guitar (yet), but this music sure proves that the prejudice against electroacoustic music being all computers with no room for human action is utter nonsense.

File under: Electroacoustics" [label info]