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Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: United Jnana UJ0034
Release Year: 2014
Note: re-issue of "Live at Bar Maldoror" from 1991 which has incredible live recordings from 1984-1988 (feat. DAVID TIBET, JHONN BALANCE, DIANA ROGERSON, CHRIS WALLIS..), now with bonus disc presenting a whole live show rec. June 2007 in Ghent, Belgium (feat. CHRISTOPH HEEMANN, ANDREW LILES, COLIN POTTER, MATT WALDRON and TIMO VAN LUIJK) - NWWs live sound from two periods, with completely different line-up !
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"Bar Maldoror is the new and expanded double-CD edition of the classic Nurse With Wound album. Disc one is a remastered version of Live at Bar Maldoror, originally recorded between 1984 and 1986; disc two features a previously unreleased 2007 live show from Ghent, Belgium.
In our very short spell as a live band Nurse With Wound performed eight times, five in public, between the years of 1984-86. These events were shambolic, chaotic and uneven affairs, sometimes as boring for the performers as the non-plussed audiences but at other times reaching an amazing intensity. Some were quite amusingI remember one in particular, a Christmas event in Amsterdam. We had decided no electric lights, just hundreds of candles around the stage and, in amongst the audience (who were busy arranging them in circles) we began. I had a vast array of little noise making objectstoys and thingsand I started inviting members of the audience to help us wind the clockwork stuff when suddenly about 50 people descended upon us, all very eager to help. Soon there was no room and we discreetly left the stage to watch the show from the comfort of the bar. Nobody seemed to notice. The audience played well and some of that gig made it on to this CD, which contains the high points of our Bar Maldoror happenings (sic). Steven Stapleton, February 3rd, 1994" [label info]