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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) - Framework Seasonal Issue #6, Autumn 2013

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Framework Editions
Release Year: 2013
Note: limited fund-raising release for the great 'Framework' radioprogramme dedicated to all kinds of experimental field recordings, run by PATRICK McGINLEY aka MURMER; comes in handmade silk-screened origami packaging, first volume feat. unreleased material only by: MATHIEU RUHLMANN, DAVID VELEZ, ERIC LA CASA, ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE, SAWAKO, etc... explore the beauty of field recordings, found sounds, environmental micro-worlds !!
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01 ::: petra kap (OR poiesis) ::: late night creaky lullaby for cricket / 26 ::: 02:55
02 ::: kim walker ::: mormaerdom ::: 08:31
03 ::: mathieu ruhlmann ::: pathetic germination ::: 07:26
04 ::: sawako ::: hokuhoku no aki ::: 05:06
05 ::: david velez ::: silent toll ::: 09:02
06 ::: petra kap (OR poiesis) ::: yard window / swifts ::: 03:08
07 ::: ric la casa ::: short cuts from a grammar for listening ::: 05:07
08 ::: tessa elieff (tattered kaylor) ::: booroomba to borough ::: 08:46
09 ::: chris whitehead ::: phragmocone ::: 07:31
10 ::: sawako ::: plum hill ::: 05:21
11 ::: artificial memory trace ::: blue and red dusk ::: 10:54
12 ::: petra kap (OR poiesis) ::: late night creaky lullaby for cricket / 23 ::: 04:12

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"Here's the sixth in the ongoing cd series from Framework, the weekly radio series hosted by Patrick McGinley (aka Murmer) who defines the broadcasts as a "show consecrated to field-recording and its use in composition. Field-recording, phonography, the art of sound-hunting. Open your ears and listen!" All of these recordings found on the Framework Seasonal series are exclusive tracks, and as on the radio series, McGinley actively seeks out and encourages many emerging sound artists by including their work alongside some of more well known phonographers and sound ecologists. Mathieu Ruhlmann's exemplary piece of tactile slithering only cites amplified medical equipment and debris, with the hushed white noise of rumpled textures reflecting similar sounds from Small Cruel Party and Loren Chasse. One the finest composers of phonography Eric La Casa does not disappoint with his concrete-styled piece of clanging metal, military-installation rumblings conjoined with ominous bursts of thunder and seemingly indifferent field recordings to the tectonic shifts occurring throughout. Chris Whitehead's expressive chemical reactions emerge as small skittering events with echoing reverberations across plates of metal; but with the small interludes from what sounds like a muffled guitar, the piece almost recalls a super stripped down / subdued version of a Michael Morley / Gate track. Kim Walker's slow psychographical collage traces the various sites of sonic interest from the ancient kingdom of Moray located in what is now Scotland. Seafaring birds, oceanic roar, and the sounds of urban din lace this sunny sounding recording. Artificial Memory Trace, Sawako and David Velez take very hands off approaches to their straight field recordings - with AMT & Sawako recording the din of insects in the forest and Velez setting up a microphone inside an empty metal oil drum being struck by branches in the wind. These Seasonal Issues are super limited, and the proceeds of each issue goes towards the continued production of the Framework radio series." [Aquarius Records]