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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Everest Records er_sp_051
Release Year: 2012
Note: very abstract & experimental French-Ukrainian (internet) collaboration using many fast changing micro/glitch - sounds over droney basics, carefully constructed and never turning into real noise, very nice, to discover !
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"V4w.enko and dincise collaboration is a pure product of the internet generation, they knew each others music far before getting really in touch. Theyve been both very present on the netaudio scene during the past years. They created this album, then later meet and played some concerts in Switzerland developing a different way, more based in improvisation, to generate their music. So the album is definitely home music, a fine tuning of ambient, glitches, electroacoustic, soft hisses and a slight touch of fragmented electronica.
Their music is about duality, of spaces, languages, focal points, always so close but never totally in contact.
The sounds are built from a contrasted proposition between automatic processing, algorithmic synthesis, cold demonstration of theories that are suddenly getting sensitive by a context of stochastic, organic, human mind related layers of acoustic sounds and underlines of delicate noises.
Thing happens separately and simultaniously, never in conflict, none having more value than the other, till reaching the point where the melt into one music." [label info]