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DRUMM, KEVIN - Humid Weather

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Bocian Records BCKD3
Release Year: 2013
Note: a very quiet (Side A) & dense 'refined noise & drone' work by KEVIN DRUMM, previously only published as a lim. CDR by himself, using microphone (feedbacks?), microsound object noises, field recordings (thunder, rain), soft electronics & found sounds (voices from the ether, etc.).. very versatile & nice !
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"Microphone, electronics, field recordings. Initialy published by Kevin Drumm himself in a very limited CDR edition. A mixture of field recordings and microtonal drones with intercepted voices." [label info]


"A Bocian Records regular, Kevin Drumm, with another new LP of his work, which he recorded in July and August 2012, and perhaps there was humid weather in Chicago back then? There is not a lot of information on the cover, with regards to instruments and such like. The title piece spans side A, and on side B we find 'Heat Stress' and 'Humidity Can Suck It'. To start with side B is to start from an obvious point of entry. We know and love Kevin Drumm as a noise maker and these two pieces are very much like you would expect him to do. You could wonder if that's a good thing, but I quite enjoyed these two massive slabs of noise. Maybe there is some field recording in there, but there are effectively transformed by the use of effects and analogue synthesizers. It's what he does best, and Drumm isn't exactly of the Wall of noise school guys, but he's certainly one heavy composer. Chaotic it bounces around, like the finest Merzbow piece. It's great, but it's what you expect. The big surprise is to be found on the other side. Here we have a piece which is build from field recordings, lots of rain and thunder sounds, but also bits of street sounds. That's about one-third of the piece, the rest is made up from a very low ambient sound, mostly electronic I'd say, of a few loops howling around in the far distance, and nothing much else. This is great piece, unlike much, if not all, you may have heard from Drumm. A fine piece of ambient music, humming away in the background, almost like a very quiet Brian Eno piece. That perhaps is the biggest surprise - well, at least for me it is." [FdW/Vital Weekly]