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KRENG - ... and then in the Morning

Format: 7inch
Label & Cat.Number: Sonic Pieces SEVEN PIECES PIECE FOUR
Release Year: 2013
Note: stunning 7" by the extraordinary project from Belgium with two very filmic & narrative pieces about two 'bad dreams', catching the in-between-state amongst sleep & waking; lim. 300, handmade, silkscreened & individually numbered gatefold-covers
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"Limited to 300 handmade copies!
...And Then In The Morning is another step in Krengs catalogue of haunting memorabilia and claustrophobic beauty. The 3 short pieces on this 7" is some sort of a mini story that captures the narration of dreams in an in-between state often found in the morning. Cold sweated fever bursts summons a strange limbo styled Flamenco dance piece that your unsure if you should dance to or not. Epic scaled waves of classical melancholia underlines the narration of Susana Meza s heart broken dream and closes off piece four in the seven pieces series in a state of haze and wonder.
Only 3 pieces to go..." [label info]