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VELEZ, DAVID - El Pajaro que Escucha

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: 3LEAVES - 3L014
Release Year: 2012
Note: deep drones & weird animal sounds - a long one-tracker (60+ min.), based on field recordings made in the Palomino region of Columbia (rainforest & jungle), especially focused on wildlife sounds... "a cultural approximation to the natural" lim. 200, full-colour cover
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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" "El Pjaro que Escucha is a beautifully crafted publication that brings together field recordings made in the Palomino region of Columbia in January 2012. The piece is alive with the sounds of wildlife, completely immersing the listener in a sonic landscape that has depth, variation and a subtle radiance that is a joy to experience.

At times we are also reminded of the invasive presence of human beings, with the drone of a light aircraft pervading the natural atmosphere. Velez demonstrates an acute awareness of the beauty found in the natural world, focusing primarily on the sounds of animals that call the rainforest home. El Pjaro que Escucha does not rush the listener, but rather encourages patience and an appreciation for the natural sounds of our planet. This is a stunning release of the highest calibre and comes highly recommended."

Cheryl Tipp

"This work that David Vlez presents us is a sense that David Vlez finds as exteriority, in the jungle of Palominowhat we listen are not birds singing, or the crickets squealing, or the leaves moving; its David who plays his tune through the birds and the crickets from the Palomino territory; he manages for the referred songbird to become an act of listen

David shares with us is a sensible experience, which consists in transform sound making into sound listening; and it is through the possibility of the recording that this experience is modulated to be accessible for us. Is through this mediation that the author makes audible something in the exterior, approaching the natural element to what is being heard by the human.

The act of listening is therefore, a transference of sense through the sonority of the environment, and in this case also a way to experience an environment by recording, ordering, modulating and presenting it in this way that David Vlez considered as the most appropriated.

El pjaro que escucha is a cultural approximation to the natural. There is no birdsongs without hearing and no acoustic experience without sensible language."

Trixi Alina " [label info]