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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Trips Und Trume TT18
Release Year: 2012
Note: stylistically diversified Japanese-French collaboration: refined drones & subtle rhythmic electronics, weird found sounds & samples, hypnotic post industrial = a wide area of sound experimentation with surprising results.. lim. 200!
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"A genuine sample of raw electronic bursts and primitive beats like land mines on a pattern-field devasted by pure harsh-noise distorsions. Echoes of the post-modern metropolis blend with industrial hints seem to blaze an imaginary line like a razor on a mutilated body, this is the dark-claustrophobic theme created by the collaboration of the ultra prolific japanoiser Hiroshi Hashimoto aka Contagious Orgasm and apocalyptic electronic-composer and filmaker TZII (! Duflan Duflan! Solar Skeletons, Transit, Paroxysm Of Anxiety...) Dark and distorted tracks set the definitive soundtrack fot those who have the courage to look beyond, tearing their eyes if necessary." [label info]