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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) - Complete 10inch-series from Cold Blue

Format: 3 x CD
Label & Cat.Number: Cold Blue Records CB0014
Release Year: 2003
Note: re-release of a series of seven remarkable 10"es from 1982/1983; feat. CHAS SMITH, PETER GARLAND, MICHAEL JOHN FINK, RICK COX, and others.. minimal / experimental composers music at its best !
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"Back by popular demand (and available for the first time on CD), this boxed set of three CDs collects all the music released on a popular series of 10-inch vinyl records that were put out by Cold Blue in the early 1980s. During the Cold Blue label's first incarnation, this music by seven West Coast composers created much of the company's reputation as a challenging and always interesting source of new music. Although bound together by a common concern with music's basic sensuality, the pieces collected here are wide-ranging in Style -- process-driven works, carefully through-composed pieces, ambient soundscapes, and music that draws on influences from around the world. In instrumentation, this music is also wide-ranging -- from violins accompanied by gourd rattles to an ensemble of clay ocarinas and whistles and flutes to works for piano (solo and duo), synthesizers, singers, speaking voices, cello and piano, electric guitar and clarinet, and perhaps the only known piece of new music for pedal steel guitar accompanied by multiple dobros. The diverse, free-spirited, genre-bending music in this set was characteristic of certain trends in West Coast music of the 80s. And, to some degree, most of this music tangentially addressed the lingua franca of 70s minimalism -- embracing certain aspects, fleeing others." Composers: Peter Garland, Michael Jon Fink, Barney Childs, Read Miller, Chas Smith, Rick Cox, Daniel Lentz." [label info]