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Format: mCD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Operator Produkzion OPERPRODUKT 64
Release Year: 2010
Note: 3-track EP with truly primitive & archaic epxerimental sounds, made with flutes, percussion, vocal-hums, drones & noise, recorded outdoors (?) in the mythical village of URJA (Perm region), feat. VRESNIT and AKPAN... from ecstasis to contemplation.. lim. 117 copies, handmade cardboard cover with three colour photos
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"Conceptual mini-album of Vazhes featuring leading Russian post-industrial artists Vresnit и Akpan. A voyage to a lost among the boggy forests Komi-Permyak village of Urja located near the huge site of Kuregkar ("hen town") of a mythic people of Chud' (Vazhes) on shore of Nylva ("girl's water") river. First composition makes it's path through the twilight of sundown foreboding night. A mystery of shadows, calm flow of water through the grass of fields. Evil rituals of black wizards can be heard in the night darkness of the second track, sparkles of fire flying high in starry sky, shades moving in a rhythm, gloomy incantations, voices appealing to mysterious beings. Daybreak in Urja. Sunlit fields, haystacks covered with morning dew, stubborn and viscous fog hiding in forest borders and river valley, singing birds and bawls of cattle following a shepherd playing horn. Beautiful material in nice packaging: handmade cardboard cover with three photos. [press-release]