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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Fourth Dimension Records FDLP81
Release Year: 2012
Note: debut album for a Swiss band doing side-long dark psychedelic improvisations in the way of TAJ MAHAL TRAVELLERS, etc.. lim. 500 w. download coupon
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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"Following several low run self-releases, this is Swiss group Bliscappen Van Marias debut album proper, comprising of two side-long pieces merging all from frazzled electronic swirl, drones, ethereal hums, guitars, percussion, banjo and the overall hue of the imaginary psychedelic western movie soundtrack these improvisations actually had in mind from their outset. Lavishly packaged in reversed card sleeve and limited to 500 only, this comes highly recommended to those who enjoyed the Zsolt Sores Ahad 2CD on Fourth Dimension/AudioTONG or for all lovers of interstellar minimalism and the likes of Circle, early Pink Floyd, Ash Ra Tempel, Taj Mahal Travellers et al. A blissful debut by this group with roots in a number of others to have emanated from Switzerlands 90s post-hardcore punk/noise/post-rock scene (Equus, Montevideo, Forceed, Knut, etc.). Released mid-June 2012 and available to buy now." [label info]


"Its been a while, I guess, since I last saw record releases on Fourth Dimension - vinyl that is. Maybe twenty years ago, I was a devoted follower of the many obscure noise/guitar/ambient/rock releases on this label, especially on 7". So its great to see some new ones again. I don't think I ever heard from Bliscappen Van Maria, who are from Switzerland and 'Bliscepen' is their first proper album. Among the instruments we find 'Bantar and objects', 'MSP, Bucla 200e, Roland System 100, function generators', bass, electronics, string ensemble, melodica, mini moog, guitar and electronics, and two people playing drums and percussion. This is music that is not 'now', although its recorded 'now' (well, already two years ago), but sounds like 1972. Think Ash Ra Tempel, Taj Mahal Travellers, maybe Pink Floyd, or stomping, motorik krautrock, Neu! for instance. Do people who play this look like old hippies, I wondered. I didn't dare to look up a picture of them. 'Sporen Nor Vaden' is a bit too much of a free form/no rhythm jam for me, but the other four pieces are more together, more organized and have a great raw, improvised but spacious rock feeling to it. Its probably one of those bands who is great live, especially when they play on end, and this might be one of those records which gets hopefully lost in time, to be rediscovered in twenty-five years as a classic of yet another revival of this kind of music. While not entirely my cup of tea, I had a great time hearing it. Excellent space, the place to be." [FdW/Vital Weekly]