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RODEN, STEVE - A big Circle drawn with little Hands

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Ini.Itu # 1202
Release Year: 2012
Note: a new volume in the nice INI.ITU 12" series from Belgium, this time a full LP by the well-known Californian multimedia soundartist STEVE RODEN - comes with stunning full-colour cover & handnumbered to only 250 copies, act fast if interested !!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.50

More Info

"Steve Roden is an artist living in Pasadena. His work includes painting, drawing, sculpture, film/video, sound installation, and performance. He has previously been active under the moniker In Be Tween Noise and coined the term lowercase for a music that bears a certain sense of quiet and humility; it does not demand attention, it must be discovered. the work might imply one thing on the surface but contain other things beneath. His working process often uses a combination of idiosyncratic notations using colors or
symbols, an association of self-imposed rules and openings for intuitive improvisations. He has collaborated with Brandon LaBelle, Franscisco Lpez, Jason Kahn, Machinefabriek, Stephen Vitiello, Bernhard Gnter and many others.

This LP started as a proposition from ini.itu to work on specific audio materials, that Steve Roden quickly asked to be expanded to radio, old records, instruments, [] things that I can bring from your location to my own. Unusual tools used to produce sounds, in wandering and drifting ways, that can be apprehended on the insert accompanying the record. The results are amiable and enigmatic wanderings, slow additions of tiny, delicate elements which sketch nocturnal and rich environments, at times laidback, austere, uneasy, at times dense, wistful, but always intriguing." [label info]