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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) - The constant Rise of Expectations

Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: Klappstuhl Records SP 003
Release Year: 2012
Note: electronic / experimental / post industrial & independent compilation with old & new names & wide range of styles: (AD)VANCE(D), MULTER, N, KALLABRIS, SOLANACEAE TAU, GERSTEIN, F-SPACE, THE MMVP, etc... dedicated to LYDIA TOMKIW (1959-2007)of ALGEBRA SUICIDE
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" 'Dedicated to the late Lydia Tomkiw (1959-2007)', it says on the cover of this compilation, and I can imagine that you may not know who she was. In the 80s she was a member of the duo Algebra Suicide, in which guitar, drum machine and Tomkiw's vocals were crucial. They were also very much into the whole business of cassettes and networking. So perhaps it's not strange that five years after she passed away there is this CDR salute to her with some people that, save to say, are a bit older, like (Ad)Vance(d), Kallabris, [Multer], F-Space, Solanaceae Tau, N, Gerstein and [Multer]. Not all of these pieces are new to this compilation, but if they were released than it's from a limited edition release only. Not all of this music is along the old lines of Algebra Suicide, in fact hardly any. This is more a manifestation of independent music production from all corners of the musical world. From moody pieces by (Ad)Vance(d), [Multer] to the heavy rhythms of Mr. Concept, Gerstein, 9Cento9, Cyborcosis, Mik@ 69N + Fto synthi pop by Solanaceae Tau and guitar noise by F. Space (complete with a good heavy metal banging - and I mean metal). Martin Newell provides a jolly pop moment, which is certainly the oddest ball around this lot. Like I said, it bounces all over the place, which is nice, but, and this not DIY talk, what's the target audience here: people who like independent music? I can imagine that those who love the comp's more rhythmic moments will frown upon the more subdued moments, and vice versa. Is open-mindedness something that belongs in 2012? I would certainly hope so, but I fear for the worst." [FdW/Vital Weekly]