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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Vegvisir Music o:001
Release Year: 2008
Note: very strong Russian collaboration using no electric or synthetic sounds but lots of ethnic & acoustic instrumentation & throat singing, between ritualistic drone industrial & sacral ambience, influenced by the famous Hinduistic text "the Upanishads", comes in very special cover
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" "Ishopanishad" is a unique album for present days, as it was created in the process of a real-time performance, and all the music was played on "live" acoustic instruments, without using any "electronics". The album is conceptual and consists of three tracks - preparatory ritual, anticipating the mystery of performing Isha Upanishad, 2nd track - the mystery itself, and the 3rd - long, meditative, concluding, allowing the listener to immerse deep into himself and feel the traces of vibes of one of the most monumental Veda texts. The Upanishad is executed in a canonical style in Sanskrit in state of deepest concentration and meditative practice. During the recording of the album, the "eastern" traditional musical instruments were used, all brought from ethnographic trips... A little bit about the contents of Isha Upanishad - this ancient text is a conditional commentary to Veda, containing the preamble and 18 hymns, and it's one of the ten most authoritative texts (after the Veda) which in short and easy to understand yet very capacious form tell about truth and falsity of so called "human values", not thrusting any doctrines or religions to anyone. It just shows the misery, futility, transiency, caducity and infirmity of so called Karmic, "worldly" activity of modern people. Reading and rereading it's shlocks (quatrains), it's impossible not to feel surprised by that exactness of descriptions of realities of our contemporary life, as if the author could watch forward the time through the centuries while writing this astonishing text, and he showed to us, modern people, from his faraway past, that actually... nothing changed, people remained the same, their problems didn't change, and that's why like 4 thousand years ago this text is still actual and fresh... "Those who honour mystics fall into endless darkness, but even bigger darkness engulf those who worship the Absolute" - Sri Ishopanishad, 9." [label info]