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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Eat, Sleep, Repeat ESR201201
Release Year: 2012
Note: installation music for a german gallery (sounds based on water, leaves and twigs from the Mindelsee lake) - a collaboration project with video artist SABINE BRGER, plus an edit of the MACHINEFABRIEK live show from the opening of the exhibition
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"Lichtung is a collaborative project centered around an audio-visual installation. Sound artists Steve Roden and Rutger Zuydervelt (aka Machinefabriek) composed the audio, while the video element was provided by the German visual artist Sabine Brger. The Mindelsee Lake, situated just a few hundred yards away from the gallery, became the natural focus of the installation. During their stay, Sabine and Rutger recorded the video and audio footage that became the foundation which Steve Roden responded to with material inspired by his surroundings in the U.S. It resulted in an immersive four-channel audio-visual presentation, in a gallery space also showing additional visual works by each of the artists, and the floor covered with dried leaves. The CD edition of Lichtung is comprised of edits from the original Lichtung installation music, translating the audio-visual material of the original into a pure sonic experience. It's complemented by an edit of a live performance that Rutger gave at the opening of the exhibition, using pre-recorded sounds provided by Steve Roden as well as leaves, twigs and water gathered in the area." [label info]


" 'Lichtung' may sound like a familiar title (not just the German label Licht Ung) in the vast catalogue of works by Rutger Zuydervelt's Machinefabriek, and indeed such a thing was reviewed before, in Vital Weekly 756, but then it had the form of a DVD-R. Now we just have the music. The original work was an audio-visual installation, "a collaborative effort of Rutger Zuydervelt and Steve Roden, both responsible for the music an Sabina Burger, who did the visual component for this work. The later shows reflection of trees in water, or rain drops falling in water. The music is a duet between Roden and Zuydervelt and seems to be combining the best of both ends: the acoustic sounds of Roden (chimes, bells, cups) and Zuydervelt's careful electronic manipulation thereof. The music and film go together really well, I'd say. Poetic, silent and light. An excellent three way combination", I wrote back then. The new 'version' of 'Lichtung' is not the piece as such but rather various edits of the sound material used in the installation. Both Roden and Machinefabriek have four pieces here and the ninth piece is an edit of the concert they played at the opening of this exhibition. Its quite interesting to see what each of them brings to the table. Machinefabriek's slightly processed electronic sounds versus Roden's acoustic approach to the sound material of water, leaves and twigs, but in 'Ice Strings' perhaps also with some electronic sounds. In his pieces its less easy to hear what is going on/being done. The overall atmosphere is 'winter' and 'cold', with sounds that seem to be derived from 'cold' matter, ice, snow and such like. It makes altogether a fine addition to the previous version of 'Lichtung', this time entirely an auditive experience." [FdW/Vital Weekly]