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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Firework Edition Records FER 1094
Release Year: 2011
Note: recording of a live-show during an installation at a gallery in Stockholm March 2006; THE SONS OF GOD: 32 amplified iron plates; MATS GUSTAFSSON: live electronics => spacious monumental noise-drones with a meditative center inside..
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"The Sons of God: 32 amplified iron plates. Mats Gustafsson: live electronics. Recorded by Olof Madsen on the 5th of March 2006 at Frgfabriken, Stockholm, Sweden. Reception was a sound installation at Frgfabriken (February 18 - March 5, 2006). by the Sons of God and Emanuel Swedenborg and a part of the festival Place and Space, Stockholm New Music. The festival was curated by Magnus Haglund and Magnus Andersson. During the installation period, the following guest-artists were invited for performances and concerts : Mats Gustafsson, Per Jonsson, Anna Koch, Nora Kvassman, Lotta Melin, Lise-Lotte Norelius, Daniel Rozenhall, Amit Sen, Wenche Sundsrud and Pr Thrn." [label info]


"Work by The Sons Of God is somewhere in between composition, performance and installation. Lots of their released output relates to performances and installations and 'Reception' is no different. This particular work involves no less than thirty-two amplified iron plates set up at Fargfabriken, Stockholm in 2006 and on the night of March 5th 2006 a concert was held with Mats Gustafsson providing live electronics. An almost fifty-four minute work of loud noise. One vague rumble of what exactly? Thirty-two iron plates you might say, which sound like crashing, cascading storm and on top we have Gustafsson's electronics wailing more about. Think Merzbow, but then without any development or change, save for a slow building up, to an orgasmic height and then quickly taking matters to a logical conclusion. Almost like a very noisy storm, almost like ambient music taken to a very (il)logical conclusion. To confuse matters even more there is a whole text about a 18th century writer Emanuel Swedenborg about heaven and hell, and how that influenced the work of The Sons Of God. You can read that and contemplate about it when listening to the music, although I am sure it will not shed a brighter light on one or the other. I thought of the whole package as quite fascinating, but then I always admire such consistent conceptual ideas." [FdW/Vital Weekly]