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GAPIK, CEZARY - The Sum of disappearing Sounds

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Karl Records kr008 (Parakusis Series)
Release Year: 2012
Note: four long masterful drone-tracks from this Polish composer, raw & oceanic sound-waves, full of flickering energy & beauty... imagine a bit more "cosmic" DANIEL MENCHE... highly recommended for any DRONE-soul! numbered ed. 222 copies in multi fold out digipack
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"The Polish composer is one Cezary Gapik who started to compose his own music in the mid nineties when such possibilities were easier with the arrival of computers. His interest lies in anything from Lull to Ferrari to Radigue, but its more alike the first and the last than the man in the middle. Gapik uses electronic sounds (which the cover defines as laptop, prepared electric guitar and sound processors) and acoustic sounds (prepared piano, various objects (vibrators, fiddlestick, glass, paper, metal). That acoustic side was a bit hard to hear, but no doubt they have been eaten alive by those digi-monsters of the computer, or at its best, its the starting point of a piece, such as in 'The Gradual Loss Of Elasticity', whereas in 'Idiomat' guitars act like airplanes. Gapik plays 'ambient depressionism', as he calls it himself, but I think 'Isolationism' suits this just perfect (and we still know what we are talking about). These four lengthy excursions into the underworld of music, dark, moody (depressed? not really) and ambient. Rough at the edges, which makes this quite nice. Its not a work that we haven't heard before, but Gapik plays it with a fine ear for detail. Music that fits the dark season." [FdW/Vital Weekly]