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N[20] - 595'24''N 69'0''W SULA SGEIR

Format: MC & objectcover
Label & Cat.Number: Inselkind-Schalltraeger / Querschalltapes # 2
Release Year: 2012
Note: collector's item! A 45 sec "endless tape" (the ones used years ago for answering-machines) that plays a specially created loop infinitely in a row; comes in an ultra-heavy iron box (2 kg!) with laser-made engraving/etching, numbered edition of 67 copies !!! Easy to open & close !!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €39.00

More Info

"N (20) 59°5'24''N 6°9'0''W "SULA SGEIR" is both my very first tape release and my most abstract track so far. recorded on a one-sided, hand-stamped 45 seconds long endless-tape (n.o.s. answering-machine tape) , wrapped with printed vellum-paper and housed in a 2 kilo heavy, custom made metal box with laser-engraving, this is also a very special release concerning the artwork.
meant to be played in endless repetition, i recorded a piece, that is less music but more something like a "field recording done with amps + guitar": the endless, always same and always different sound of the waves at the cliffs of sula sgeir, one of the islands of the outer hebrides." [Helllmut Neidhardt]