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RODEN, STEVE - Proximities

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Line LINE_052
Release Year: 2011
Note: absolutely stunning drone one-tracker (42+ min.) based on specific tunes from an old analog-synth that were played repeatedly in huge gallery rooms of the CHINATI FOUNDATION amidst 50 steel sculptures of DONALD JUDD, with additionally vocal hummings & natural hiss; fragile overlaying harmonic drone-rays creating a wonderful nostalgic, emotional atmosphere.... definitely one of his best albums, our highest praise! Lim. 500
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"Proximities was recorded in 2010 during my time as the artist-in-residence at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas. I began by recording a performance of a series of tones played on an old battery powered Paia Oz, that were determined by the letters A-G as found in a text by minimalist sculptor Donald Judd. I recorded the tone sequence several times during sunrise, amidst 50 of Judd's stainless steel sculptures in an old army barracks that has been converted into a museum. The performances were recorded with an H4 digital recorder, my iPhone and also a cheap Sony micro-cassette recorder. During several of the performances these small devices were emitting the sounds of previous performances from their tiny speakers. At times I also hummed. All of the processing in the recordings was generated by the extremely resonant physical space. The occasional popping sound, which can be heard at the end, are the sounds of Judd's sculpture expanding while the sunrise changed the temperature within the space. Recorded in various spaces of the Chinati Foundation, 2010. all sounds generated and organized by Steve Roden. This work was made possible through the Chinati Artist in Residence Program. Special thanks to Rob Weiner. Mastering by Taylor Deupree. Steve Roden is a visual and sound artist from los angeles. his work includes painting, drawing, sculpture, film
video, sound installation, and performance." [label info / credits]


"The other new release by Line is a new CD by Steve Roden. Apart from his recently compiled book (see Vital Weekly 796) there hasn't been many releases with his own music. This new work was recorded in 2010 when Roden was an artist in residence at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas. He started out by recording a performance of various tones on an 'old battery powered Paia Oz' amidst 50 stainless steel sculptures of David Judd from various points in the space using a variety of recorders. He repeated that a few times, every time using the previous recordings on tiny speakers to go along (talk about recycling!). Its a forty-two minute piece in the best Roden tradition. Minimal but expansive, poetic and rich. Like he usually does, he layers a great variety of sound events, of a slightly similar nature, and waves together an excellent piece. Tones wave and merge together, and field recordings leak in, like cars passing in the night or like a bed of tape-hiss. I could argue that Roden doesn't change his method (unlike say Tietchens does), but with the recent years of quietness, its always good to hear a new work from him, and then go back to an older one of his. "Proximities" is an excellent piece of haunting beauty, solemn and majestically played. Exactly the kind of minimal music I happen to like very much." [FdW/Vital Weekly]