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BVDUB - Remember (translations of 'Morketid')

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Glacial Movements GM0011
Release Year: 2011
Note: re-shapings of NETHERWORLDS "Morketid" album; recorded in China 2010
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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"Alessandro Tedeschi, aka Netherworld, has become a dear friend of mine since his kind invitation to produce an album for Glacial Movements last year, and his vision, kindness, and honesty have been an inspiration. He had sent me a copy of his album Mrketid, and from the opening notes I was mesmerized not in a typical way, as his music is far too subtle for that, but on a much deeper level, as the music brought a flood of memories surging forth that I had long thought lost. It took me back to those times when ambient music was so pure, and so true so when he then asked if I would be interested in doing a translation of the album, I couldnt have said yes any faster.
I call them translations, as they are not remixes. I used his original work as a base, and it is indeed interwoven in the translations, but my translations serve more as my own narratives on the memories and feelings his original work evoked. The translations are about memories memories of dreams lost, and never fulfilled but also the beauty in knowing that dreams exist as whether they come true or not, its in their pursuit that life means anything.
The original album brought back all my memories of my time in the early rave scene, the dreams I (and everyone, really) had for the beautiful utopia that only existed in our minds, and which we were only able to reach but a few times but also my current surroundings of China, where in a rapidly changing environment, I am constantly reminded of unrealized dreams deserted buildings that stand as monuments of once-great visions, and echoes of so many voices once yearning to be heard, wanting only for the world to remember them for a moment. And so it has been a strange kind of full-circle experience, as I stand in this place with no connection to my former life, yet in it I realize that every scene is the same we all just want to be heard, by someone - and to be remembered." [credits / label info]