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DUNCAN, JOHN / MICHAEL ESPOSITO / Z'EV - There must be a Way across this River / The Abject

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Fragment Factory frag 20
Release Year: 2011
Note: two suspenseful eerie ambient industrial journeys based on ESPOSITOs mysterious EVP recordings at Prospect Heights, IL, in 2009; lim. 511 copies
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €15.00

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"EVP recordings made in 2009 by Esposito at the onetime home of Duncan in Prospect Heights, Illinois, to which the current resident would not permit entry (though his spouse had previously agreed to it). Heidi Harman, the medium who was present at the encounter, heard Duncan's name specified by the voice. There Must Be A Way Across This River represents Duncan's involvement and processing of the events at his childhood home; The Abject is the result of Z'ev dealing with the occurrences in Prospect Heights. 140g vinyl. Double-sided insert. Edition of 511 copies." [label info]


"A double bill here, twice Michael Esposito working on one side with John Duncan and on the other with Z'EV. How exactly on the side with Duncan is a bit unclear, as all the credits are to Duncan. Maybe Esposito supplied him with some of his EVP recordings. Duncan uses voice, feedback and shortwave radio. Part of it was used in a performance. A spooky haunting piece here. The voice has a ghostly sound, like unclear mumblings, occasionally leaping into feedback, while the shortwave isn't barely noticeable. I haven't heard much from Duncan in recent years but this is a great piece, not to be played in the dark if you are afraid of such things. On the other side Z'EV uses 18 'EVP invocations', totaling thirty seconds, stretching them out over eight tracks, which I guess is these days a more common technique for Z'EV when it comes to solo studio work. These 'EVP invocations' were recorded by Esposito in John Duncan's childhood home (to tie matters together, conceptually) and make up a
likewise haunting piece of time stretched vocal sounds. Haunting but as haunting as the other side. This is more common ground in the work of dark atmospheric music. Common but likewise a great piece of music. A fine ghostly, disturbing nature is behind both of these pieces. Excellent and pleasantly spooky." [FdW/Vital Weekly]